Pawless Guitar Production History

This is an attempt to document all guitars produced by Pawless Guitars.   More details of each guitar will be added with time as more information is gathered.  If you are an owner and would like the information about your guitar edited, please email with that info!! 

Owners:  Please communicate to Pawless Guitars  any information you would like on this page about your guitar(s).  Also, using client names will not be done without permission.


First is a listing from a spreadsheet that has helped me narrow down some dates, etc., so this is a really GOOD reference as in a perspective of chronological production.   I used only owner initials in the owner column.  Below that is the original history page I had started and when it is completed, I will eliminate the "spreadsheet" format list.

1 DB Dreadnaught Indian Rosewood 1997 5 Very First Pawless sold
2 MH Dreadnaught Cutaway Thin Indian Rosewood 1997 6 Prototype Electric Acoustic
3 RS Dreadnaught Quilted Mahogany 1997 6  
3B CW Dreadnaught Cutaway Indian Rosewood 2000 10 Orphan/completed later
4 LG Dreadnaught Indian Rosewood 1997 7 Jerry Jeff Walker Signature on Label
5 KR Dreadnaught Walnut 1997 8 Currently converting to small body guitar
6 TA Custom Cutaway Indian Rosewood 1998 7 Currently converting top to Mesquite
7 BP Dreadnaught Indian Rosewood 1998 7 Jerry Jeff Walker Signature on Label
8 WL Dreadnaught Cocobolo 1999 3 Jerry Jeff Walker Signature on Label
9 HP Parlor Koa 1999 4  
10 MF Dreadnaught Mesquite 1999 6 Show Guitar for Mammoth Ivory
11 CO  Dreadnaught Brazilian Rosewood 1999 9  
12 JI Dreadnaught Mesquite 1999 10 Jack Ingram Model
13 JW Bass Maple 2000 3 First Acoustic Bass
14 BS OM14 Brazilian Rosewood 2000 7 Named Hanna
15 CM Dreadnaught Indian Rosewood 2000 8  
16 VB Dreadnaught Mesquite 2001 1 First Hardtop Pawless
17 CS Dreadnaught Cocobolo 2001 2  
18 BC Dreadnaught Indian Rosewood 1997 7 Most of guitar completed in 1997, very "early" "Blackbird"
19 CJ Dreadnaught Brazilian Rosewood 2001 3 Jerry Jeff Walker Signature on Label
20 GW Dreadnaught Mahogany 2001 3  
21 JM Dreadnaught Mahogany 2001 7  
22 DB OM14 Brazilian Rosewood 2001 9 Jerry Jeff Walker Signature on Label
23 GD Dreadnaught Mesquite 2001 12  
24 JI Dreadnaught Mahogany 2002 6 Built for "road" touring
25 MC Dreadnaught Mahogany 2002 7  
26 BS Dreadnaught Mesquite 2002 7  
28 JI Strat Alder 2002 9 First Pawless Electric Guitar (Strat style)
29 BJS Parlor Mesquite 2002 11 "Grand Ole Opry" appearance!!!  2/2004
30 BJ  Dreadnaught Mahogany 2002 11  
31 BP Dreadnaught Mahogany 2003 2 Neck Heel Carving/Texas flag top color
32 TH Parlor Pecan 2003 2 Back loading bridge (first)
33 JE Dreadnaught Indian Rosewood 2003 3 Barbarosa w/Blender
34 CP Dreadnaught Mesquite 2003 4 Jack Ingram Model w/Blender
35 BABA Dreadnaught Mesquite 2003 4 Texas State Flatpicking Contest Prize
36 DC Dreadnaught Indian Rosewood 2003 4 Jack Ingram Model
37 JR Dreadnaught Mahogany 2003 7  
38 GW Dreadnaught Indian Rosewood 2003 8 Jack Ingram Model
39 JP Dreadnaught Walnut 2003 10  
40 RD Dreadnaught Mesquite 2003 11 Texas Flag Colors on top
41 BF Dreadnaught Mahogany 2003 11 Classical width 
42 MD Jumbo Mesquite 2004 3 First Jumbo
43 KL Jumbo Mesquite 2004 5 First Mustache Style Bridge
44 EB OM14 Indian Rosewood 2004 6 First 12 fret
45 TS Jumbo Maple 2004 7  
47 MW OM14 Mesquite 2004 11  
48 HM Dreadnaught Mesquite 2004 12  
49 WK OM14 Indian Rosewood 2005 1  
50 DB OM14 Mesquite 2004 11 50th , 12 fret
51 WS Speck Blues Mesquite 2005 1  
52 VB Dreadnaught Ziricote 2005 3  
53 MP Dreadnaught Brazilian Rosewood 2005 5  
54 BP Dreadnaught Thin Brazilian Rosewood 2005 5  
  UPDATED 8/20/05        


2. 1995 Indian Rosewood "Dreadnaught" Style.   Indian Rosewood back and sides, Sitka Spruce top, Ebony Fret board and Bridge.  Indian Rosewood Peg head veneer.  This guitar was disassembled after a routing accident.   The guitar was completed at one time and playing.  The guitar does not exist, however the assembled Indian Rosewood back of the guitar still remains in the shop.

3. DB Model  Modified Dreadnaught (larger lower bout). Indian Rosewood back and sides, Spruce top, Indian Rosewood Peg head veneer.  This is first guitar built by Pawless Guitars that still exists.

5.  KR Model  circa 8/97 Owner Kimmie Rhodes, Walnut Dreadnaught,  Currently being changed to a smaller guitar.  Details updated upon completion.

19. JJW Dreadnaught.  Brazilian Rosewood Back and Sides. Modified neck angle both axis for player.  Abalone inlay around sound hole and top of guitar's edge, including Abalone frame of neck over body area.  Bolivian Rosewood Bridge and peg head veneer.  Spruce top stained for "early" vintage

20.  GW Dreadnaught  Mahogany back and sides, Indian Rosewood Peg head veneer, Pawless signature gold script 

JJW Cocobolo Dreadnaught, forward bracing, abalone name inlays around sound hole.

JP903 Model  Walnut Dreadnaught.  Walnut back and sides, Sitka Spruce top, Texas Ebony fingerboard, Cocobolo bridge, split two piece bone saddle, Gibson style gold tuners.

Hanna OM First OM style Pawless.  Brazilian Rosewood with Abalone edge inlays, gold engraved Waverly tuners.  Dual crown mic and piezo pickup systems with Fishman stereo preamp.  See construction documented

CM Model   circa 8/2000

RS Model May 97 Quilted Mahogany.  Purfling inlay in fret board, bindings at neck joint, herringbone edge inlay.

JJW Dreadnaught Thick Cocobolo 1/2" tall binding around top.  Indian Rosewood back and sides, Engelmann Spruce top.

Mammoth Ivory circa June 1999, A Mammoth Ivory Co. Show Guitar .   Mesquite (back and sides)  Dreadnaught, Adirondack Spruce top.  Mammoth Ivory Saddle, nut, bridge pins.  Extensive Mammoth Ivory inlays in the Mesquite Burl fingerboard and headstock.  Bridge was made of Mesquite Burl.

JJW Model  Indian Rosewood (BP) Dreadnaught. circa July 1998 

12.  Jack Ingram Model circa 1999 Owner Jack Ingram.  Mesquite Dreadnaught, shaded top, Fishman Blender system, and graphite saddle.  National appearances; Conan O'Brien, "How Many Days" video, "Mustang Burn" video, "Barbie Doll" video.Photo 

Texas Model  circa Feb/03, intent PROTOTYPE NOT FOR SALE Dreadnaught, Mahogany back and Sides with Mesquite binding on back, White ivoroid on top.  Maple electric guitar scale fret board.  Sitka Spruce top with Texas flag "portion" graphics stained into top wood.  Also stained into Maple neck, then neck finished rough in oil.

TH Model circa Feb 03  Parlor guitar, thick, Pecan back and sides and shaded with Tobacco color on sides only.  Bluebonnet inlay in fingerboard.  Mesquite bindings. Photo1  Photo2

Jack Ingram Model  (CP) circa Feb 03 Mesquite Dreadnaught, Shaded Top, Fishman Blender System. Photo

23. Jack Ingram II Model circa Sept 01, Owner Jack Ingram.  Mahogany Back and Sides, Shaded top and sides as per Jack specs, Carbon Fiber saddle, Fishman Blender system, Sperzel tuners  Oversize neck.  Rough out finish, no polish.  Road guitar.

Jack Ingram "Strat" Style circa 2002.  Only Pawless electric guitar built.  Simple Strat style guitar.  Put together for grins and "learning", then handed to Jack.  Tobacco shaded top.

CW Model circa 1996-7 Cutaway Dreadnaught.  First Dreadnaught Cutaway Pawless produced. Sitka Spruce Top, Indian Rosewood back and sides, LR Baggs System.

GW Model Dreadnaught, Mahogany Back and Sides, Indian Rosewood peg head veneer with Pawless Gold Script.

JJW  OM Model.  Brazilian Rosewood, Fishman Natural Matrix.  Large Photo

26.  RS702 Model (Sturtevant) circa 7/02  Dreadnaught Mesquite Back and Sides, Cocobolo and Abalone bindings and sound hole inlays.  Gold Schaller tuners with Ebony buttons.  This guitar was built in both shops.

MH Model Electric Acoustic.  Dreadnaught shape, cutaway, LR Baggs system, 3" deep.  Abalone edge and star inlay in peg head face.  Cedar Soundboard.

VP903 Brazilian Rosewood three piece back and sides. "Thinline" Dreadnaught.  Black Top, Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and Peg head with star in diamond inlay.

 JE Model BARBAROSA circa 3/03  Modified Jack Ingram Model.  Back and one side of woods originally in a Jack Ingram guitar.  Indian Rosewood, Fishman Blender system Onboard.

GD Model circa 9/01  Mesquite Dreadnaught

CO Model  circa 9/99 Brazilian Rosewood Dreadnaught, modified slope lower bout.

HP Model circa April 1999.  Parlor Guitar.  Koa Back and sides, Sitka Spruce top, Gamble Oak fret markers, antique buttons for fret inlays, Coal inlay in Canary wood peg head Veneer. Side bracing made from Grandchildren's underoos, Mesquite end strip from Jack Ingram's guitar wood scraps. Gold nuggets inlayed in sound hole purfling.

BABA Model circa April 2003, Bay Area Bluegrass commissioned Dreadnaught made of Mesquite back and sides.  BABA logo inlaid in peg head Walnut veneer.

 CS201 Model Dreadnaught, Cocobolo back and sides, bridge, and peg head veneer.

JW Model Acoustic bass. circa 11/99  First Pawless bass.  European Maple back and sides with Baggs preamp system.

Honey Chile Standard fret scale Baby Pawless Nov 2002 Owner Billy Joe Shaver, commissioned by Compadre Records.  Mesquite back and sides.  Four spots of yellow sapwood in back, Sitka Spruce top.

JR Model circa May 2003 Mahogany Dreadnaught model, Shaded Sides, Tobacco Shaded top. Photo

JM Model circa July 2001 Mahogany Dreadnaught

Jack Ingram II Model (GW) July 2003  Indian Rosewood back and sides, No electronics, Shaded Tobacco top and sides. Gotoh Tuners.

Brock J. Mahogany Dreadnaught, One color Medium Brown shading.

V2 Model  Vince Bell Model.  Mesquite Back, Sides, and TOP.  Texas Ebony Bridge, guitar built for heavy gauge strings and alternate tunings.  Gold Schaller tuners with Ebony buttons.

TA Model Owner Tommy Alverson.  Jumbo Style with cutaway, Baggs electronics.  Cocobolo peg head veneer.

MC Model Dreadnaught, Catalog shading finish. Natural Top Finish. Ebony fingerboard and Bridge.  Thick neck.  Peghead veneer is shaded Walnut with Texas Pearl Inlay.  Oak bindings including peghead.  Nickel Gotoh tuners.  Initials in 14th fret were later replaced with Indian Rosewood inset with Pawless Gold Script signature. (2003)

TR1102 Texas Rosewood Special Texas flag graphics, Mesquite Back and Sides, Gold Gibson style tuners, Tortoise pickguard, Mesquite Peghead Veneer with Pawless Blue Metal script signature.  Tortoise binding. Guitar was commissioned by Texas for the 2003 Red Dirt Awards. Ebony fingerboard with Ebony bridge.  Miniature dot fret markers. Photo

RF1103 "Classical Steel String Special"  Owner Bob Fletcher.  This guitar is designed with a wide classical neck styling in a 14 fret design.  It is made of Mahogany back and sides with a bearclaw Sitka Spruce top.  The bridge is made of Pecan with a Mammoth Ivory saddle and the peghead sports a cowbone nut with Gotoh Nickel tuners.  The bindings are made of Red Oak and is joined at the end with a Mesquite End Strip.  The peghead is made of Indian Rosewood with a Pawless gold script sealed in a waterbase lacquer as is the rest of the guitar.  Tortoise pickguard.  Two way "hot rod" in the neck.

MW Mesquite Top OM Style